This mod changes and enhances all default pitches/turfs with new weather look (light & dark mud and scuff marks) on turfs in rain weather,along with better turf coloring. It also removes and modifies low level fog in all stadiums.

* Tested using NO sweet FX or any injector enhancements, just vanilla game/graphics, although using these may need tweaking with pitch colors.

** This is not an engine hack or engine lighting mod, this is graphical and basic config editing for pitches & fog
so dont ask about "3d grass & flat look" and shadowing. PS4 textures/lighting mod will come to do this and lighting from other modder
a V2.0 later on will use this.

Changelog V1.0 first release 23/11/14

Pitch/Graphical Changes

** Effects all default pitches/lawn patterns for all stadiums

- White lines fixed (clean/more clear in fine weather and more faded/rough in rain weather)
- New grass 2d layer for more sharp/rough pitch look (far and near in replays) NOTE: 2d and no 3d
- Greener pitch color in summer conditions (less dull default coloring)
- Less brown pitch color in winter conditions (removed all horrible brown pitches with a mixture of varying tinted
green and less green-to-brown versions)
- More depth to mow pattern with addition scuff marks and detail anomalies on all pitches (due to a bug "Konami stadium" is default for now).
- Certain mow patterns changed for better results
- Pitch wear (mud) & water logged effect increased in rain conditions (varies from stadium to stadium)
- Mud/wear darker in wet winter weather & lighter in dry winter conditions (varies from stadium to stadium)
- The increased mud & wear effect shows only in rain weather now instead of all weather settings in vanilla game

Weather/Config Changes

- Low level fog inside stadium reduced when raining (removes crappy milky look throughout crowed in stadium)
- Some selected stadiums can still have low level fog in either day rain or night rain conditions (varies from stadium to stadium & only a few)
- Day rain conditions switched to night rain for better HDR results and overall look